Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet Metal Processing – Our range of services

Quality made to order: we offer the following manufacturing options for sheet metal processing:

  • Stamping/punching, laser technology, combined systems (with fully automated loading and unloading in multilevel rack systems)
  • Water jet cutting
  • CNC bending (with a bending center and/or a bending robot)
  • Intermediate Processing: deburring/straightening (automatic), CNC stud welding, spot welding, press-fit, drilling, countersinking, thread cutting
  • WIG, MAG, robotic laser welding
  • Finishing processes (grinding, polishing, electroplating, wet lacquer and powder coating, multicolor, pad and screen printing, laser marking)
  • Mechanical assembly

Large-scale Storage System

Integrated, automatic warehouse system for large size sheet metal in Szügy, Hungary

Storage areas


Large size sheet metal

1525 x 3050 mm

Total storage weight

2,724 t


Structural steel, high-grade steel, aluminum, copper, brass


Stamping or as combined stamping-laser technology

Max. sheet thickness

6.4 mm

Max. work piece weight

150 kg

Max. stamping force

180 Nm

Laser Cutting

CO<sub>2</sub> or solid body laser

Max. laser power

6000 W

Max. sheet thickness for structural steel, high-grade steel, aluminum

25 mm

Max. sheet thickness for copper, brass

10 mm

Marking Laser

Solid body laser

Max. laser power at the work piece

17 W bei 20 kHz

Max. work piece size with Y-axis

1000 W x 500 D x 400 H

Max. work piece weight with Y-axis

25 Kg

Bending Center

Technical data

Max. work piece size

2795 x 1524 mm

Max. chamfer length

2500 mm

Max. bending height

165 mm

Max. sheet metal gauge

2.10 mm at 410 N/mm²

Bending Robots


Number of axes


Repetitive accuracy

±0.035 mm


Bending machine and Loading station

Bending machine

Press force

360 kN

Chamfer length

1020 mm


Loading station

Number of axes


Repetitive accuracy

±0.01 mm

Press-fit Technology

Technical data

Max. pressure range   72 KN

Auto-feed system

Automatic tool change

Software supported program guidance

Robotic Laser Welding

welding robots, high-accuracy robots and working space

Welding robots


Max. laser power

4000 W

Beam/radiation quality

8 mm x mrad



Number of axes


Repetitive accuracy

±0.05 mm


Working space


1600 x 800 x 700 mm


250 kg

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